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About Our Service
How does a performance-structure work for small brands?

As we're a performance-based agency we will work with any brand that is currently generating +£15k/mo in revenue or can get here in 3 months.

Will you launch a brand in new marketplaces?

Yes, we will launch new brands if we have data to believe after 3-months it will be generating +£15k/mo in revenue, at which point we are only paid via performance fee.

Turning-over £15,000/month is a small goal for the ambitious clients we work with, so launching in new MPs is not an issue for our performance structure.

Can I still work with NAYF Ads if I decide to become an Amazon Vendor?

Our focus is on providing advertising support on Amazon within an SMB budget - as this is where we see massive growth with our strategies.

We love working with founders and family-owned businesses engaged in their success on Amazon!

We have experience growing both seller and vendor accounts, so if you are serious about growing on Amazon it is evitable that you will try 1P eventually. NAYF Ads are here to support you during this transitionary phase to help you successfully compete with the most prominent sellers & vendors in the world.

About NAYF Ads
What type of brands do you work with?

We have experience growing a range of 3P and 1P brands across all categories, however, we do not support Amazon publishing ads.

How long does it take to get set up with NAYF Ads?

Following on from our initial chat, if we are a good fit we will schedule a longer conversation to generate a proposal for our long-term partnership structure.

Once agreed, we will have you onboarded within 1 week so we can begin the AIP process swiftly.

Where are we located?

We started in London (UK) but are a remote-first agency, and operate across time-zones so there is always someone on hand to support you.

About Our Team
Who do I get to contact once I become a client?

Unlike most agencies, where you only get to contact the account executive & account manager with little technical experience managing ads, when you work with NAYF Ads, you will also be in a group chat with the performance marketer assigned to your brand.

Additionally, as NAYF Ads is a boutique Amazon Ads team, you can contact our leadership team whenever you need support directly.

What is our team's experience?

Everyone in our team has years of experience managing Amazon accounts in the marketplace they are supporting you.

As we are confident in our skill set, everyone in our team is compensated based on the performance they deliver to you - so all of our incentives are aligned with growing your brand.

How often does your team communicate with us?

As a boutique agency, we aim to treat every client like they are the ONLY client we serve.

This is part of our 'white-glove advertising' service that differentiates us from large, clunky Amazon agencies. We want you to feel like you're dining in a Michelin star restaurant when you work with us.

We seamlessly over-communicate with our clients with video message updates, weekly DMs in our shared project management tool, or check-in calls.