Abbey's Soaring Success: How NAYF Ads Transformed a Mop & Bucket Product into Amazon's Top 5 Best Sellers, Achieving a Whopping 96% Sales Growth in 90 Days




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Introducing the Brand:

Meet our valued brand, Abbey—a prominent British brand specialising in premium household cleaning supplies available on Amazon UK. In this case study, we unveil how NAYF Ads orchestrated a remarkable transformation, catapulting one of Abbey's mop and bucket products into the prestigious ranks of the top 5 best sellers on Amazon within just 90 days.

The Challenge:

The particular mop and bucket product we were entrusted with faced formidable challenges in the Amazon marketplace. Fierce competition from Chinese sellers, renowned for their lower pricing and substantial margins, had made it challenging for Abbey to secure a substantial market share and establish a commanding presence.

Our Approach:

NAYF Ads embarked on this transformative project in August 2023, employing a meticulously crafted strategy:

  1. Comprehensive ASIN Optimization: We set out to optimize more than 20 Abbey ASINs, including the featured mop and bucket product. Our optimization efforts resulted in a flawless 100% IDQ score, signifying that these ASINs were now perfectly aligned with Amazon's A9 algorithm.
  2. Efficient Advertising: During our initial month of collaboration, NAYF Ads not only bolstered sales but also slashed advertising expenditures by an impressive 20%. We diligently identified and rectified inefficiencies within numerous existing campaigns.
  3. The '7-step Advertising Improvement Plan Process (AIP)': We implemented a meticulously tailored strategy for Abbey's discounted cleaning supplies catalog. Our team took the lead in crafting creative content, positioning discounted cleaning supplies as the superior choice on Amazon. We strategically emphasized the merits of their premium products over their lower-quality, low-cost competitors.

The Outcome:

After just 90 days following the initial optimization, NAYF Ads achieved remarkable results:

  • The product's ranking surged from a humble #1000+ to an enviable #5, positioning it among the top sellers on Amazon.
  • More notably, monthly revenue skyrocketed by an astonishing 96%, soaring from £24,000 to an impressive £47,000+ within this short timeframe.

It's worth emphasizing that this remarkable growth was accomplished without compromising margin to accommodate ad spend.

Our client, Abbey, was understandably ecstatic about these results, as they were able to achieve substantial growth in their ASIN without compromising their profit margins. This case study is a testament to NAYF Ads' expertise and our ability to deliver outstanding results in the competitive Amazon marketplace.

Fully optimised listing with the Amazon's choice badge

Secured the #5 rank in the cleaning buckets & bowls category
Huge improvement in sales rank in 90 days - more consistent in top category rank

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