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Rising Above the Flock: How NAYF Ads Transformed this client into the #1 Bird Feeder on Amazon in 3 Weeks


Client anonymised due to company's policy


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Introducing the Brand:

This client has requested their name to be anonymised, however they are the crème de la crème of European birdcare companies, has long been recognized for its ceaseless innovation and attractively packaged products that customers adore. Spanning a broad array of birdcare products, the company has established a robust foothold in both B2C and B2B markets.

The Challenge:

Despite their impressive standing as an Amazon vendor, they faced significant challenges in heightening brand visibility in their competitive field. Encumbered by a deficit in Amazon-specific advertising and retail knowledge, along with a highly seasonal product portfolio, they were unable to fully exploit Amazon's algorithm. Their needs were clear: expert SEO and Amazon advertising guidance was required for them to outperform their competitors.

In search of a solution, they turned to NAYF Ads, articulating a clear objective: to clinch the #1 spot as the premier bird feeder on Amazon during the vibrant British summer months.

Our Approach:

NAYF Ads embarked on the project in May 2023, establishing an approach guided by three strategic steps:

  1. Identifying and rectifying any technical obstacles hampering content updates, which were, in turn, stifling their capability to accurately convey the brand's merits to prospective customers.
  2. Orchestrating a focused advertising campaign, underscored by high-intent and narrow targeting. Our team harnessed their in-depth knowledge of content to yield results, prioritising skillful search term placement and advertising insights over increased expenditure.
  3. Implementing the proprietary '7-Step Advertising Improvement Plan (AIP)' across their catalog. Our team took the reins in shaping the creative direction and content, accentuating the advantages of choosing their superior birdcare products over cheaper, lower-quality alternatives available on Amazon.

The Outcome:

The marriage of our inventive copy and strategically-geared advertising fostered increased brand awareness. Impressively, one of their products clinched the coveted #1 spot in the bird feeder category on Amazon UK in 3 weeks, fulfilling their objective in a short span of time. This surge in sales velocity was realised alongside highly profitable advertising, boasting a ROAS of 7.50 and a single digit ACOS - a figure significantly below their category average.

What was the client's response to these phenomenal results? An expanded role for NAYF Ads, entrusting us to boost brand awareness and assist with launching their new product lines.

At NAYF Ads, we don't just deliver results - we exceed expectations, creating tangible success stories that strengthen our clients' market position. Trust us to do the same for you or you don't pay us for our service.

#1 category best seller during their seasonal peak months
Happy enough to trust NAYF Ads with more of their Amazon catalogue

Client Testimonial:

Another 5 Star Service Review for NAYF Ads