From Obscurity to Amazon Spotlight: How NAYF Ads Catalyzed Cristalinas's 139% Sales Surge in Six Weeks




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Introducing the Brand:

Cristalinas: Spain's Foremost in Home Fragrance

Family-owned and headquartered in Madrid, Cristalinas is a name synonymous with quality and heritage. As Spain's top-tier supplier of Reed Diffusers and Car Fresheners, their commitment goes beyond selling. This client heavily prioritise sustainable development, manufacturing, packaging, and branding - but not necessarily on the day-to-day execution of Amazon.

The Challenge:

While the potential of Amazon as a sales channel was evident with monthly sales reaching £16,000 on Amazon UK, the Cristalinas team found their resources stretched thin. Recognising the distinct value of expertise, the decision was made to bring on board a specialised team to catalyse growth: NAYF Ads.

Our Approach:

NAYF Ads embarked on this partnership in July 2023 with a clear agenda:

  1. Listing Optimisation: Addressing technical glitches that hampered content updates, and thereby refining brand communication to potential buyers.
  2. Strategic Advertising: The emphasis was on improving advertising efficiency whilst growing sales — high-intent, narrowly-targeted campaigns that leveraged search term placement.
  3. 7-Step Advertising Improvement Plan (AIP): Guiding Cristalinas's Amazon journey, we took the reins on creative direction whilst adhering to brand guidelines, underlining why Cristalinas stands head and shoulders above the rest.

The Outcome:

With the synergy of innovative advertising and engaging copy, Cristalinas saw a dramatic shift. From a relatively obscure #876 rank in the Automotive Air Freshener category, they catapulted to the impressive #13 rank on Amazon UK (achieved in 2 months) — all this on a modest ad budget. This strategic approach spurred unprecedented sales velocities, marking record-breaking months for Cristalinas on Amazon UK.

Within a mere six-week period, NAYF Ads contributed an additional £14,215 in monthly revenue, signifying a 139% sales increment for their flagship range. Furthermore, our listing optimization endeavours boosted the client's listing conversion rate to a commendable 21.58% — outshining even prime day metrics.

Delighted would be an understatement for how Cristalinas felt about the results. With the unprecedented growth unlocked by NAYF Ads, the brand fortified its resilience against potential supply chain disruptions, ensuring consistent sales and brand visibility.

In a world of ever-evolving Amazon FBA dynamics, NAYF Ads stands as a beacon of expertise, driving brands like Cristalinas towards their competitive potential.

Best seller rank improved from position #876 to #13 in 2 months
Ranked in position #13 as of September 2023
As BSR improved, so have the units ordered

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