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Discounted Cleaning Supplies

Efficiency Unleashed: NAYF Ads' Journey to Skyrocketing Sales for Discounted Cleaning Supplies on Amazon


Discounted Cleaning Supplies


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Introducing the Brand:

Our client, Discounted Cleaning Supplies (DCS), is dedicated to making the act of cleaning an enjoyable experience for everyone. They actively seek innovative products and collaborate closely with manufacturers to design solutions that transform cleaning into a more pleasant endeavor. Their commitment to product quality positions them as the leading cleaning brand on Amazon, and NAYF Ads played a pivotal role in achieving this status.

The Challenge:

After years of successful trading on Amazon as a seller, Discounted Cleaning Supplies began to experience a plateau in their performance. They believed their advertising strategies had reached their peak efficiency. Moreover, their extensive catalog comprised hundreds of SKUs, making it nearly impossible to optimize for Amazon's search engine without incurring exorbitant fees from an Amazon SEO agency.

DCS approached NAYF Ads with a clear objective: to demonstrate that their advertising could be more efficient and competitive, even against superior Chinese competitors who excelled in Amazon SEO, advertising, and pricing.

Our Approach:

NAYF Ads initiated the project in August 2023 with a multi-faceted strategy:

  1. Thorough Optimization: We meticulously optimized over 60 ASINs, including this particular bin bag product. Our efforts resulted in achieving a perfect 100% IDQ score on these ASINs, aligning them perfectly with Amazon's A9 algorithm.
  2. Efficiency-Driven Advertising: In the first month of our partnership, NAYF Ads achieved significant sales growth while simultaneously reducing advertising expenditures by 20%. We identified and rectified inefficiencies in numerous existing campaigns.
  3. The 7-Step Advertising Improvement Plan (AIP): We applied our comprehensive Advertising Improvement Plan to Discounted Cleaning Supplies' catalog. Our team led the creative direction and content strategy for their Amazon presence, highlighting the unique qualities of their products compared to cheaper, lower-quality competitors on the platform.

The Outcome:

Our 90-day collaboration yielded numerous successes, but one of the most rapid victories was the transformation of Discounted Cleaning Supplies' Spray Bottles. In just 60 days, these bottles skyrocketed from a ranking of #309 to the coveted #3 spot in the spray bottle category on Amazon! This increased visibility led to a remarkable 63% revenue growth between July and September. Importantly, throughout this period, their Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS) consistently remained well below the category average, hovering in the low teens.

By partnering with NAYF Ads, Discounted Cleaning Supplies not only regained their competitive edge but also experienced substantial growth in their Amazon presence, demonstrating our expertise in optimising advertising strategies and driving impressive results for our clients.

From rank #309 to #3 in just 60 days.
A Massive Improvement in Best Seller Rank between August and Julyn after NAYF Ads' optimisations

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