Boosting Amazon Sales by 495% in Just 60 Days: A NAYF Ads Success Story with My Perfect Cosmetic Company


My Perfect Cosmetic Company


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Introducing the Brand:

My Perfect Cosmetic Company stands as a global beacon in the skincare industry, featuring a renowned lineup of products that grace beauty aisles worldwide. Among their illustrious collection, their flagship product, 'My Perfect Eyes', often appears in mainstream media, securing a place in high-profile TV commercials and advertisements.

The Challenge:

My Perfect Cosmetic Company UK sought the expertise of NAYF Ads with a clear mission: to enhance sales on Amazon while maintaining price integrity and upholding the brand's consistent presentation. Preserving the brand's image on the Amazon UK platform was of paramount importance to them.

Before their partnership with NAYF Ads, the brand was grappling with significant supply chain issues that drastically hindered their sales velocity on Amazon. As a result, they experienced underwhelming earnings, pulling in a mere £5.5k per month in early 2023.

Our Approach:

NAYF Ads, with its relentless pursuit of precision, conducted a comprehensive audit of the existing 'My Perfect' sponsored ads campaigns. From the analysis emerged a robust 90-day plan aimed at restoring the diminished sales velocity. During this critical period, NAYF Ads provided the client with in-depth listing optimisation recommendations that promised not only to drive organic traffic (SEO) but also to render the listing 'retail ready' for the influx of paid traffic that we were poised to channel towards it.

As a data-centric performance marketing team, NAYF Ads developed custom reporting dashboards to monitor organic and paid sales meticulously, along with any profitability metrics the client requested. The value of these dashboards did not go unnoticed; the client expressed their admiration for the convenience and the day-to-day updates of sales data provided in this format.

The Outcome:

The results spoke volumes of NAYF Ads' proficiency and diligence. Within a span of just 60 days, we amplified sales by a staggering 495%, soaring to £32,700 per month. What's more, this was accomplished with a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 3.29, surpassing the client's threshold of 2.50 and exceeding their expectations. NAYF Ads once again proved its prowess in navigating the Amazon advertising landscape, reinforcing its reputation as a trusted ally for brands seeking to flourish on this platform.

Client Testimonial:

Another 5 Star Service by NAYF Ads