Growing a 1,700+ SKU brand: Amplifying Paper Mart - The U.S.'s Largest Packaging Supplier


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Introducing the Brand:

Paper Mart, a story of remarkable evolution. Originating from a modest garage in Los Angeles, it transitioned into a catalog company and now proudly stands as the largest discount packaging supply company in the United States. With a legacy spanning over a century, they've grown to house 250+ dedicated employees. Their expertise? Providing myriad customers with top-notch packaging, craft, and party supplies. Notably, Amazon has been one of their lowest priority sales channels which resulted in several listing third-party hijackers on their Amazon products.

The Challenge:

Paper Mart aspired to amplify their Amazon sales. The challenge? A staggering catalog of 1,700+ SKUs already existed on Amazon. Despite their vast experience, they lacked the specialized skill set for optimizing these Amazon listings for heightened organic traffic. Additionally, the intricate world of Amazon advertising was uncharted territory for them. Sensing an opportunity, NAYF Ads pitched the idea of refining some of their top-performing ranges to enhance competitiveness on Amazon.

Our Approach:

In May 2023, NAYF Ads embarked on this transformative journey:

  1. Technical Rectifications First: Before diving into content optimisation, we addressed urgent technical glitches. Predominantly, issues where ASINs were misaligned with incorrect category nodes. A dedicated member from the NAYF Ads' team was assigned this meticulous task, ensuring smooth content optimisation with the cooperation of Amazon's seller support.
  2. Elevating Imagery: Our research indicated a gap in product imagery that hindered listing conversion rate. Collaborating with Paper Mart's talented in-house graphic design team, we bridged this gap. NAYF Ads shared precise design briefs, empowering Paper Mart's designers to craft compelling visuals tailored for Amazon.
  3. Implementing the '7-step Advertising Improvement Plan (AIP) Process': Guiding the creative and content direction for Amazon advertising, we rolled out several test campaigns. The objective? Identifying the ASINs with the most potential from a vast catalog of 1,700+ SKUs. Our strategic approach mirrored the rigor of launching entirely new products, ensuring we accurately gauged product-audience resonance on Amazon.

The Outcome:

NAYF Ads didn't just deliver; we enlightened. We imparted Paper Mart with insights into the nuances of Amazon SEO and educated them on pristine product launching strategies to eschew catalog errors. The harmonised trio of SEO optimisation, revitalised product imagery, and judicious advertising saw sales for one of their flagship products on Amazon (acid-free tissue paper) skyrocket – doubling sales in a mere six weeks post-optimisation. Check out the updated listing transformation below.

Paper Mart's acknowledgment? A resounding commendation for the sheer volume and quality of work NAYF Ads shouldered to elevate their Amazon presence.

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