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Polar Specialist Coatings

Mastering the #1 Spot: Tailored Training and Strategy Refinement for Polar Specialist Coatings


Polar Specialist Coatings


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Introducing the Brand:

Polar Specialist Coatings stands out as the UK's premier brand in the niche of patio paint. They hold the enviable position of being Amazon's #1 brand in this category. Emerging from the same roots as Johnstones paints (a best-seller on Amazon), Polar Specialist Coatings benefits from a rich 130-year legacy in paint manufacturing. This has solidified their reputation for delivering reliable and high-performance solutions tailored to rejuvenate, shield, and maintain residences.

The Challenge:

Polar Specialist Coating have an established in-house Amazon advertising team. However, in a bid to elevate their game, they sought NAYF Ads' expertise for an independent account audit. Their objective was twofold:

  1. Achieve a more efficient ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sales) to diminish wastage in ad spend across their expansive range of Amazon sponsored campaigns.
  2. Garner tailored training for their in-house team based on the insights unearthed from the account assessment.

Our Approach:

July 2023 marked the inception of our collaboration with Polar Specialist Coatings.

  1. Account Deep-Dive: Upon gaining access to their ad account and seller central business reports, NAYF Ads engaged in a meticulous account evaluation. This deep-dive aimed to outline key areas of optimisation, central to the mission of curtailing wasted ad expenditure and enhancing ACOS.
  2. Customised Training: Post audit, the NAYF Ads team orchestrated a comprehensive training sessions (several hours worth), focusing on advanced advertising techniques. We delved into cutting-edge topics such as automation tools, advertising dayparting, and strategies to amplify sales from Amazon variations.

The Outcome:

Our bespoke training was not only an eye-opener but a game-changer for the client's in-house team. The manner in which NAYF Ads demystified and shared these maximising strategies bespoke to their needs left a lasting impression. Leading brands on Amazon recognise the intense competition that permeates the platform. Those brands that ascend to that coveted #1 spot understand the continual need for reinvestment in training and up-skilling to retain that hard-won position.

Client Feedback: