Skinbunny's Successful Launch: A Testament to NAYF Ads' Expertise in Amazon Advertising




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Introducing the Brand:

Skinbunny, an upcoming skincare brand hailing from Britain, has carved a niche in the market with its flagship instant eye cream. Skinbunny is nestled under the umbrella of a long-standing parent company that has a solid relationship with NAYF Ads - this partnership has resulted in the successful launch of multiple new beauty brands and a consistent track record of stellar results.

The Challenge:

The task at hand was to introduce a completely new brand to the Amazon marketplace – an endeavor riddled with uncertainties. With no established market fit, a fresh product, and no initial brand equity or reputation, the potential for profitability was unknown. A sobering statistic looms over such ventures: approximately 90% of new brands launched on Amazon fail to turn a profit.

Our Approach:

Undeterred by the inherent risk, NAYF Ads embarked on meticulous market research. By studying keyword search volume and identifying untapped market segments, we devised a strategy where Skinbunny could rapidly gain market share and drive profitable sales.

Adhering to our proprietary 7-step Advertising Improvement Plan (AIP), we confidently projected a minimum of £6,000 in monthly sales during the first month post-launch. This was an audacious target for a fresh brand, but data from our rigorous search volume analysis provided a solid foundation for this calculated risk.

Moreover, the NAYF Ads team accelerated the process by optimising SEO across the listing and designing attractive listing images - all within a tight one-week timeline.

The Outcome:

The results far exceeded our projections. Within a mere 30 days, NAYF Ads propelled total sales to an impressive £7,483 per month. A significant £2,160 of these sales were derived from sponsored advertising, which was accomplished with an excellent ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) of 6.05, and a modest monthly ad spend. These numbers speak louder than words. Our team of seasoned ex-Amazon professionals delivered a knock-out performance, proving once again that partnering with NAYF Ads can yield extraordinary results even in the most challenging circumstances.

Client Testimonial:

Another 5 Star Service by NAYF Ads

Supporting Material:

ROAS of 6.05