In the world of online shopping, consumers consistently rely on product ratings and reviews to make informed decisions, making Amazon one of their go-to platforms.

1: The Power of Amazon Reviews

Reviews have always played a pivotal role in shaping consumer choices on Amazon. A weak product review rating less than 4.0 will lower your listing conversion rate, which directly will drive up advertising cost-per-click and ultimately your advertising profitability (ACOS). Getting high quality reviews on Amazon is an ongoing challenge when launching new products and when trying to profitably climb sales rank in a product category. Below are some free and paid strategies to getting more product reviews in a compliant way on Amazon.

2: Eight Effective Strategies to Boost Amazon Product Reviews

Utilize Amazon's "Request a Review" Button

Amazon's "Request a Review" button remains a valuable tool for sellers (seller central users). Before its introduction, the average increase in reviews per order was modest. However, for sellers who embraced the "Request a Review" feature, the average saw a substantial boost. Manually clicking this button for every order can be time-consuming, but we have a solution for that below.

Enrol Your Product in the Amazon Vine Program

Amazon's Vine Program offers a unique opportunity for sellers with brand-registered products and fewer than 30 reviews. By submitting 30 units of inventory, you allow Vine reviewers to test your product and provide reviews. This program accelerates the review process significantly. This option is paid, but is suitable for vendor central and seller central users who are confident in their product quality and want to jump start getting high quality reviews on Amazon listings.

Employ Third-Party Automated Email Responders

Many sellers rely on third-party email responders in addition to Amazon's messaging system. It's crucial to note that Amazon has specific guidelines for permitted messages, which NAYF Ads can help you adhere to.

Create a Contact List for Email Outreach

Building your email list remains essential due to Amazon's messaging limitations. Explore various methods, such as through social media or a blog subscription. A well-maintained mailing list can be a valuable asset for review requests. This is an amazing long-term method for serious sellers and vendors that frequently launch new products on Amazon.

Harness the Power of Product Inserts

Product inserts continue to be a popular way to encourage reviews, but wise usage is key. This is literally inserting a card with a note into your packaging asking for a review on Amazon. Avoid violating Amazon's guidelines by maintaining neutrality and offering helpful information. Remember, great customer service can prevent negative reviews.

Manage Negative Reviews Effectively

Proactive measures ensure that your products consistently receive positive feedback. With tools like Jungle Scout's Alerts, you can stay informed about poor reviews and address them promptly. Brand Registry sellers can even contact customers who've left critical reviews.

Launch Products with Promotions

Many sellers launch new products on Amazon promotional platforms. While you can't directly exchange promotions for reviews, these sites can still lead to positive feedback. This one is risky, but is often utilised by brands who are not confident in product quality - this is not something we ever recommend to NAYF Ads' client, but we're throwing the mention into this blog anyways.

3: Complying with Amazon's Product Review Guidelines

Amazon has strict rules surrounding product reviews, and it's crucial to understand and adhere to them. Violating these rules can result in account issues as Amazon has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to blackhat review strategies, a risk no seller should take. That being said, a 2023 which review survey stated that 10% of all reviews on Amazon are in fact fake!


To excel in the world of Amazon selling, mastering the art of securing product reviews remains paramount. By utilizing these strategies and staying within Amazon's guidelines, you can navigate the review landscape successfully. Competition on Amazon is very intense since 2020 lockdowns brought an influx of new sellers, which is why you need a specialist Amazon expert team like NAYF Ads in your corner to have a fighting chance.

Closing Thoughts:

  • Remember, taking shortcuts that violate Amazon's rules isn't worth jeopardising your entire seller account. Success on Amazon comes from playing by the rules, mastering digital marketing, and thinking long-term.

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