Why Do You Need To Remove Negative Amazon Seller Feedback?

In the dynamic realm of Amazon's marketplace, maintaining a solid seller feedback score is crucial to your brand's success. As a top-rated Amazon Advertising Agency in the UK, NAYF Ads understands the changes Amazon introduced in 2023 and how they've added complexity to the feedback management process. In this article, we'll walk you through a detailed guide on managing and appealing feedback effectively based on insights from Nathan Divakaran, the CEO of NAYF Ads.

Understanding Your Seller Feedback

When you visit your Seller Feedback Manager page, you'll find a comprehensive overview of your ratings. This page shows the total number of ratings, along with a breakdown of the feedback received in the last 30 days.

An Example: Amazon Feedback Appeal

A typical situation where an Amazon Seller may want to raise a 'feedback appeal' is when a three-star rating was left due to perceived shipping delays by customers.

First Request Feedback Removal

After verifying the order delivery, your next move would be to request the removal of the feedback in question. If this initial request gets declined, don't worry. With a professional Amazon Agency provider in the UK, such as NAYF Ads, you'll be guided through the case filing process where you get a one-shot chance to argue your case and get the feedback removed.

Useful Tips To Win Your Appeal: 

  1. Automated Removal: Amazon's AI will sometimes automatically remove FBA orders based on specific keywords. Don't ignore this opportunity.
  2. Amazon Buy Shipping Program: Amazon often removes feedback for orders associated with its buy shipping program. While there may be better choices for many sellers due to integration with other courier services, considering it for this benefit might be worthwhile.
  3. FBA Shipment Issues: Amazon will usually remove feedback if the problem pertains to an FBA shipment issue or if a product review was mistakenly written as a seller review. It's worth noting that many customers still confuse product reviews with seller reviews.
  4. Crafting Your Appeal: When writing your appeal, be concise and specific. Clearly state the order number and quote the feedback, pointing out how it doesn't align with Amazon's guidelines. Request that the feedback be removed and that your Order Defect Rate (ODR) be adjusted accordingly.

Other Considerations

If you notice a drop in sales, you might want to review your performance in other areas:

  • Check your Buy Box winning rate.
  • Review recent price changes.
  • Monitor your PPC and budget adjustments.
  • Ensure the correct SKU is being advertised.
  • Check for hidden suppressions.
  • Review any recent parentage changes.
  • Monitor if negative reviews were filed.
  • Check your subscribe-and-save status.
  • Review terms for SEO conversion and indexing.

Furthermore, it may be worth considering new strategies to boost your sales, such as revising your main product image. 

As an experienced Amazon Advertising Agency in the UK, NAYF Ads is committed to helping brands navigate Amazon's marketplace policies and optimise their online presence. For expert assistance in this domain, feel free to contact us.

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